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Continuing with my exploration of the Belgian quarter of Cologne (see earlier post here), I came across this unusual combination of enterprises on Brüsseler Strasse 74-76.


The shop floor is divided into two halves, the front is a laundromat while the back is a retail store.


The two businesses share the same entrance.


So one pass the washing machines and dryers before getting into the skateboard and street wear shop.


This combination makes a lot of sense. I am not sure if they are both owned by the same business Rock On but their web site is here.


While the customers are waiting for laundry, they can peruse the merchandise of the store. The demogrpahics also make sense in that those who use a laundromat are likely to be interested in skateboard and paraphenalia.


There is also a waiting area near the entrance where one can ignore the retail activities in the back. One can read the papers and pick up leaflets for concerts and parties here.


But could the arrangement of the two businesses be reversed and give more exposure to the retail shop ?  Just like supermarkets that place eggs and milk, the necessities in the corner furtherest from the entrance.


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