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Towards the end of May, we visited the Loire Valley and stayed at a hotel with rooms that are built into caves. Here are some more examples of cave dwellings which have been modernized.  We found these homes just a few minutes down the road from our hotel, between Turquant and Saumur.

cave hotel-33

Here are some more pictures of our hotel – the Demure de la Vignole … Beside having guest rooms inside caves (see earlier post here), there are other interesting features…

This is a view from our balcony  overlooking the hotel reception building. Notice the parking area situated under the cliff. Above the cliffs are vineyards !

cave hotel-13

The ugly grey rock on the left is part of our dwelling, our bedroom is upstairs with the triangular windows. The gap between the grey rock and the new (chateau-style) stone building is the main (very narrow) driveway to the hotel parking area.

cave hotel-21

The hotel’s fitness “center” is also situated inside a cave. The equipment is functional but overall it is a bit shabby.

cave hotel-28

Sauna ? Did not try it.

cave hotel-27

The most unique feature is the small swimming pool. This is the entrance to the fitness area and additional guest rooms.

cave hotel-29The changing area and shower have a Moroccan accent – quite common in France …

cave hotel-26 We had the pool to ourselves … bathing in the colored lights reflecting off the white cave walls.

cave hotel-30

The rocks in the area are known as tufa, a type of limestone, similar to travertine.

cave hotel-31There was nothing special about the water, it was simply standard very lightly-chlorinated swimming pool water. The water was not naturally there.

cave hotel-32

The rest of the B&B/hotel and common areas …

cave hotel-22

Dining, reception areas

cave hotel-25

Terrace (with frogs hopping about)

cave hotel-23

View from the hotel front garden. The river Loire is just on the other side of the road hidden behind the trees.

cave hotel-24

More from the area in the next few posts …




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  1. My kids will go nuts swimming in the cave pool. So cooool…..

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