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La Morra is one of several wine-making commune/village that is in the zone of production of Barolo wines. Located high on a little hill where it commands a panoramic view of the area, it is in the province of Cuneo, south-west of Alba. It was about 30 minutes drive from our villa (see earlier post here).


Our out-of-date guidebook says one of the better restaurant in La Morra is the Belvedere. Our hotel manageress told us that the owner had moved the restaurant to another location just below the town.


The restaurant is now known as Bovio. One could have easily driven past the entrance as the restaurant is situated below the steep road that leads up to the town, and thus not visible to the driver.


The ristorante is situated on a hill side which offers stunning views of the Langhe area, effectively 180 degrees.




This is a link to the La Morra tourist office.


We ordered the degustation menu. Our amuse bouche was deep-fried zucchini flower.


Veal tartare, black truffle, parmigiano


Their version of Vitello Tonnato (alla vecchio maniera) – a dish we encountered daily including at the breakfast buffet.


Porcini tart with Raschera cheese fondue, black truffle


Those were the starters.

We sat indoors. View from the dining room.


Roast baby goat (alla Alta Langa)


Ravioli in beef sauce


Risotto with porcini mushroom and Cuneo valley cheese


Simple, well made, local ingredients = slow food – this area gave birth to the catchy term to contrast itself from the now universal concept of fast food.


Another satisfying lunch. Ciao.



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  1. Delicous.

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