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In October, I(Chris) attended a business conference in Budapest at the Four Seasons Hotel. Sue joined me and we stayed for a couple of extra days to see the city. Neither one of us has been to Hungary before.



The meetings were held in this historical Art Nouveau building in the center of Budapest.  It is located along the River Danube, adjacent to Széchenyi Square and the eastern terminus of the Széchenyi Chain Bridge.


According to the hotel’s web site:

In 2004, after a five-year $110-million restoration, the Hotel was unveiled. Some of the Hotel’s outstanding features are a two million-piece mosaic tile floor, a grand, sweeping staircase, stained-glass floors, and a wrought iron elevator that have each been lovingly restored or replicated when preservation wasn’t possible. In the process of reconstruction, the Hotel was also completely modernized, adding amenities like an indoor lap pool, spa, fitness facilities and all the latest internet and entertainment equipment.

gresham-13 .


One end of the “arcade”-like lobby area is used as a cafe.


The mosaic floor is beautiful and kept spotless. There is an art nouveau floral pattern that is used on all the floor coverings.



The stained glass ceiling, skylight and sculpture in the lobby was stunning at dusk – the cool residual winter sunligh mixing the warmer interior lights.



Our room was unremarkable compared to the lobby and the exterior.


The indoor lap pool and gym are located on the “attic” floor under a sloping roof, accessible via a set of glass stairs (à la Apple store).




This is indeed a beautifully renovated hotel with a central convenient location. One of the best places to stay while visiting Budapest.



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  1. Reminds me of Wes Andersons’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel”!

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