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We ate our first dinner here by ourselves after Chris’s conference ended. It was Halloween weekend.

The bistro is located at the corner of Nagymező Street and Király Street, a block or so from Andrássy út in the center of Budapest.


We avoided a whole line of clearly touristy establishments on Liszt Ferenc tér (friendly host offering English menu, similar dishes with similar prices) and quickly ran into this place.


It was rather early when we first arrived. But it quickly turned into a lively place full of people having a bite before going out on a Friday night.



The place is converted from a concrete printing house with an interesting multi-level layout.


On weekends, it hosts bands and DJs.


The printing house had a red floor, hence the name Bordó meaning claret.



Great ambiance but the food is not its forté. Nor did we expect it. It was priced fairly.

bordo-2Glad to have come across this place. We think someone should compile a short list of such non-touristy restaurants which are located in the touristy areas of major cities.



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