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There appears to be lots of statues in Budapest …

The bronze sculpture of a military man (or policeman ?) below is located two blocks behind our hotel – the first one we saw which sparked us looking at many more we encountered later throughout the city. Every tourist who passes cannot resist taking a picture standing next to this life-size statute.


Budapest seems to have a lot of sculptures on its streets. Or at least they are highly visible to pedestrians. Certainly more than New York or London.


Nor are they hidden in a park or placed on a pedestal (some are).
statues-3Many of them are mingling with pedestrians in the street and being lit up at night.


This lion is one of four which are placed at the ends of the famous chain bridge (Széchenyi lánchíd) spanning the Danube, two on each side.

statues-10Not sure who they are and what they did.

statues-11… but there must be a story behind them

statues-8Among those that we saw, some are very modern and effective.

statues-6All straight lines and right angles (above) versus all curves (below).

statues-4“Hey, come over !”


There are so many of them at different locations and they are of such diverse styles. It is a very rich source of photographic materials.  Someone must have made (if not, someone should make) a coffee-table book of all the urban sculptures in Budapest.

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