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Dear Readers, Happy New Year !

This is our first post of 2015. It is time to take a look back at some of the places we visited last year.

Some of you who knew me from New York probably think, judging from the posts here, that since we left for Switzerland, we travel a lot and do not spent much time on work. While it is true that I (Chris) get more vacation days per year now, workload is certainly heavier than before. So these vacations are really important counterbalances.

The photos are organized in reverse chronological order and there is a part 2 to come. Some of the trips are business trips and some are vacations.

There are usually a series of related posts per location, they are uploaded around the same time – you can discover them easily in the calendar at the bottom of the post.

December 2014 – Kuala Lumpur and Penang

We left on Christmas eve for Malaysia. The photos are being selected and touched up as we type.

Georgetown, Penang



Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur



December 2014 – Munich, Germany



October 2014 – Budapest, Hungary



September 2014 – Piedmont, Italy



September 2014 – Lac de Joue, Switzerland



August 2014 – Aosta, Italy


Near Aosta



July 2014 – London, England


Photos from first half of 2014 to come.






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