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This is where the three of us (including IT) stayed in Kuala Lumpur (KL). Rather than going to a hotel, like we have done in the past, we looked for an apartment. Apparently, there are quite a few choices. There is a property boom in KL and there are expats to fill serviced apartments.


Lanson Place Bukit Ceylon Serviced Residences is located in one of a cluster of high-rise apartment buildings situated a small hill above Bukit Bintang (aka Golden Triangle, a busy shopping area in KL).


The entrance of the building has a shallow water feature on either side of the walkway. They were no railings.


We arrived very late and were helped by a concierge. It looks very modern but can be a bit dangerous at night.

Our unit was a 2-bedroom apartment on the 46th floor. It was spacious and modern.


Natural wood, muted pastel color furniture.


One of the bedrooms has twin beds.

lanson-10Apart from the 2 bedrooms, there’s also a small study.


The master bath room has a glass-enclosed shower-bathtub unit. There is no separate shower cubicle.


All the kitchen appliances were very well hidden. There are no handles for any of the drawers, fridge doors, and dishwasher. Very minimum and clean looking (easy to clean too) but a bit too sterile, and one need strong fingertips (think rock climbers) to open/close all the doors.
Since we had a rather long trip in Malaysia, a washer and a dryer were very handy.

From our living room window, we have a view of the Petronas towers.


The KL tower is also nearby. As you can tell, the weather was not cooperating.


This place was just what we needed to overcome the 7-hour jetlag. More about Lanson Place to come in our next post.



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