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Lanson Place was our lodgings in KL. An earlier post covered the apartment (click here) – this post is about the common areas. Lanson Place is a brand of serviced apartments and hotel suites that is run by a Hong-Kong based company. They have properties in Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong and KL (two locations) – see their web site here.


Since this building was apparently intended to be used as a residential building, there isn’t a cafe or restaurant. The “clubhouse” on the top floor provides some basic hotel services.


The 50-story building has a roof top garden and an area where they served breakfast. It has a spectacular 360 degrees view of downtown KL.


See earlier post for views of other parts of KL.


The garden is quite basic.


There is a place for BBQ on the rooftop.


The split level clubhouse also has a computer area, as well as a pool table.


The Bukit Bintang area has the highest concentration of bars in KL (think Lan Kwai Fong except that in KL, the bars are more spacious). As residents of Lanson Place, we received coupons for some of these restaurants where discounts for drinks and meals were offered. The street famed for KL’s street food – Jalan Alor – is located nearby But we did not go there and heard that it is a bit touristy – more about street food in later posts.


There is also a small gym just below the clubhouse.


The building shares two swimming pools as well as a garden and car park with a sister building next door.


The rectangular pool is truly massive. We suspect that it is longer than an Olympic size pool. Great for fitness training.


The pools and garden sit on top of a multi-storey car park.


We were certainly curious about the price of these apartments as many units were apparently empty (as we can see from our window). And how much would the common service charges be given all the amenities ?

This place certainly suited us as there were an odd number of us for hotel rooms, and it provided all the comforts and conveniences. Se our earlier posts for the apartments we rented in the past in Vienna and Paris.
Our friends M and S happen to live nearby and we met them a couple of times. We just wish that we had more time to see friends and explore KL.

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