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Yesterday was Friday, the 13th of February, 2015. We are not superstitious about the number. We just happen to live at No. 13 now and used to work at Room 1313 on the 13th floor. I(Chris) am just curious of the other No: 13’s – how they look and what’s behind them.

Previously, we posted a series of photos of public displays of the number thirteen, see part 1 here, posted on 13 December, 2013. Since then, we have accumulated a small collection of “13” and thought it is now time for part 2. Here is another set of 13 photos of “13”.

13, Marigot, Saint-Martin

13part 2-1

13, Orleans

13part 2-2

13 The five Queens Bedroom, Chenonceau

13part 2-3

13, Georgetown, Penang

13part 2-12

13, Alba

13part 2-9

13, Hampstead, London

13part 2-11

 13, Köln

13part 2-4

 13, Aosta

13part 2-6

13, Köln

13part 2-13

13A, La Morra

13part 2-10

13, Georgetown, Penang

13part 2-8

13 lifeboat, Celebrity Constellation

13part 2-5

 13bis near Forte di Bard

13part 2-7

This is an ongoing collection, let’s see if I find enough photos for a part 3 when the next Friday the 13th comes around.



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  1. 13 – is watching u!👀 😌

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