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This is part 2 of our post on the night market at SS2. Part one is here.  To recap, our friend J who grew up locally showed us the sights around KL. She suggested the night market at SS2 since it is “open” only on Monday night.

Street food is so much a part of Southeast Asian culture and it is an essential element of a night market. Click here to see our post on street food at Hong Kong’s Lunar New Year flower market.

Food truck at the night market.


Satay !  Quintessential.


Hand-plucked corn, steamed and then roasted.


An interesting way to prepare corn. See the corn the lady is spooning into the styrofoam cup.


Hakka-style Yong Tau Foo – 釀豆腐 – the main ingredient is tofu – mostly deep-fied, various shapes with meat stuffed into it, and it may include various vegetables, either stuffed or just by itself, and fish balls – all cooked briefly in a broth and eaten with a dipping sauce. I(Chris) had eaten some form of Yong Tau Foo growing up in Hong Kong but not at a scale like this.


People were just standing around and eating, a bit like a steamboat (hotpot) meal without a table. Notice the sticks of deep-fried tofu and fish balls were held in slots that had been cut into a big block of ice which acted as a bench and cold storage.


J bought us these crispy pancakes. The filling was a thin layer of dry brown fine powdery substance – sugary and nutty.


This guy was making a gigantic version of the pancake – “PJ pan cake”. The base is paper thin and crispy.


Body parts of some animals made even more scary-looking inside a glass container without description or price.


Another cake stand with English Earl Grey red bean cake (a new item apparently), white coffee hazelnut cake, black sesame layered cake, mango apricot layered cake and choc blackcurrant cake – that’s what the little flags said.


So we wandered around the night market until we got hungry, then we headed into the open-air food court. Next post …



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  1. This is so much fun……I will be in Hong Kong the end of June and July, not sure if there are any night market there any more….

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