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After a series of posts on Malaysian street food, let’s see the most interesting hotel on this trip.

Seven Terraces is a spectacularly reimagined heritage hotel in Penang.  Located at the UNESCO World Heritage site, in the heart of Georgetown, the hotel is a conversion of a row of seven 19th century Anglo-Chinese terraces.


Around the Love Lane area in Georgetown, there are several other restored heritage hotels but 7 terraces on Lorong Stewart is the most decadently restored. A 80’s-ish Rolls Royce was parked outside the entire time while we were there.


The reception area was airy and richly decorated; instead of sofas, installed around the “lobby” area are several antique opium den beds. Each bed accommodates two who share a little table in the middle.


The beds are made with dark hard wood inlaid with marble and mother of pearl. The marble was cool to the touch, perfect for hot weather.


They have even laid out antique opium paraphernalia to complete the picture.


We cannot remember her name, the girl at the concierge desk was super efficient and very helpful (she helped us tracked down someone at when we had to postpone our trip to Langkawi).

Also on display is an antique Chinese bridal head dress. We’ve only seen them on TV in period drama or Chinese opera. The real thing looked enormous and must weigh a ton.


The hotel has 18 suites which overlook a Chinese courtyard. I(Chris) love courtyard, any style, it’s like sunshine and nature captured for one’s private enjoyment.


We suspect the courtyard was created by knocking down the walls that separated the seven smaller yards of the original terrace houses.


We applaud the combining of traditional Asian architectural elements and modernism harmoniously in this hotel.


Behind the reception is a lounge area and a lap pool. On a hot day, the water is simply irresistible.


Swam a little bit and ate some cakes, which were served during afternoon tea time.


As all the suites are on the upper level, a bit of 20th century convenience is provided.


We are not sure what this metal fan was used for. It says Singapore grocery corporation. Since there were a pair of them, each with a long handle, they were likely used in a parade.


Breakfast was served on the other side of the reception.


This combination of papaya, passion fruit, water melon and banana was simple but surprisingly tasty.


Check out their website here. We will post some pictures of our room in the next post.



  1. What a beautiful hotel. The pictures that you took hardly have any people in them! Are these places desserted?

    • There were people around. I was just being patient.

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