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The Heavenly Spa is located adjacent to the Westin resort with its own beachfront. One could walk over from the resort lobby in about 10 minutes or hail a golf buggy.
Upon arrival, after passing through the entrance gate, there is a small courtyard where one faces a row of trees, the beach and the sea.
On the left are a series of discreet treatment rooms in a bungalow and a small swimming pool.
 In the courtyard, new Age music is piped in through hidden speakers.  Although it is probably the same type of music we hear in elevators, it did blend in very well with the ambiance here. This was my favorite space.
A gentle breeze caused some leaves to fall and row gently down the sloping roof of the bungalows. Dried leaves rustled on the ground. Birds chirped occasionally nearby. One can become relaxed simply by being there, even without any treatment.
 On the right is the air-conditioned reception.
There is a wading pool with platforms and beds where treatments are administered.
In a lot of places, privacy is a concern with this set up. But here, there was hardly anyone.
Before the treatment, the staff asked guests to select a thought and to focus on it during the treatment. A bit cliché in my opinion.
At breakfast, two different healthful smoothies-juice drinks everyday.
 It claims to be the best spa in Malaysia several years in a row.
We want to go back as soon as possible.

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  1. How come there is nobody there? In fact, in most pictures of your blog, there is hardly anyone around.

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