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While we were wandering around in Georgetown, this pink tank attracted our attention. It was sitting outside a gallery called “179 – The Place” which sells a range of artwork, from painting to textile, and antiques as well as modern artisan-made furniture.


We talked to the gallery person for a while as IT was really interested in some funky chairs and an antique wooden box for carrying business paperwork.



The gallery is one long, narrow space lined with furniture and artwork. None had price tags.




He told us that the gallery belongs to a complex of shops, restaurants and bars, and is owned by an Australian lady.


We looked her up – Narelle McMurtie, who started with the authentic Malay style Bon Ton Resort 20 years ago in Langkawi, and now owns also the Temple Tree Resort.


The style of this painting on wood panel resembles those of the famous street art around Penang. See earlier posts about street art in Georgetown here.


Apparently, some profits of the businesses are directed to support the Langkawi Animal Shelter & Sanctuary Foundation –  LASSie, a passion of the owner.


The gallery is part of the complex – ChinaHouse – which has its entrance two doors down the same street. The bar is called Canteen. The entrance is 25 feet wide, typical of the traditional shophouses of Penang.


There was a live band practicing for the evening’s performance. It was 2014 New Year Eve and they were preparing for an event.


The bar was empty as it was in the middle of the afternoon but we could imagine the place filling up with people.


A door at the back leads to the next area of the ChinaHouse – an open courtyard and burger bar.


Here is a plan of the ChinaHouse cut from their web site.

China House_Brochure 010_A08_r3_c3

A photo walkthrough of this complex to be continued in our next post.


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