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Continuing our exploration of this great hangout place in Georgetown …

ChinaHouse is a combination of 3 heritage buildings, linked by an open air courtyard and converted into 14 spaces comprising shops, cafes, restaurant, galleries, live music and bakery. Part 1 showed the Canteen from which we entered the ChinaHouse complex from Victoria Street.



In the middle of the complex, a moon gate leads one into a courtyard of shady trees and a rectangular pond. The mood is so very different from the Canteen we just exited.


One can order a hotdog and burger here in the courtyard. Different areas of the complex have different menus and price points for the food.


Individual visitor is invited to sit next to and at the lower left corner of the graphic to form a vertical stroke, thus completing the Chinese character for “fortune” –


Passed the courtyard, walking indoors again, one enters a cafe.


With bookshelves, long communal tables …


… aspirations and attitudes …



The cafe features a cake shop – the Beach Street Bakery – that serves home-made baked products in seemingly huge portions.





Off to one side of the cafe is an event room – suitable for meetings


There is even a bar for wine and whisky tasting.


Next to the cafe is a restaurant with an imaginative fusion menu. IT and I had dinner here one night.



Sharing the storefront on Beach Street with the cafe is a small shop that sells handicrafts.


All in all, ChinaHouse succeeds in offering something for every one … what a great place to meet people and hang out.


Wish there are more places like this.


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  1. Very nice!

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