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After a series of posts on Malaysia, we thought it’s time to change the topic. So… back to Switzerland …

One weekend last year in autumn / fall, our friend F suggested that we go to this event called Les Automnales which was held at the Palexpo – the international exhibition center next to Geneva airport.


The Swiss holds these large-scale exhibitions several times a year showcasing different kinds of products – some of specialist interest, e.g., manga, and some which are very general, e.g., fresh farm produce, local police community liaison. Les Automnles is one such general indoor show which is held annually in November, and coincides intentionally with the international cat and dog show (two shows on two separate days) also held at the same location.


Swiss folks from other parts of the country make a weekend trip to attend the expo. It had sections dedicated to the home, leisure, well-being (bien-être), food, travel and pets. One section dedicated to vintage products was particularly interesting.


Mid-century furniture, eyewear and fashion galore.

autumnal-25Paper bags with vintage graphics, and assorted knick-knacks.

autumnal-23Polaroid cameras

autumnal-24Ceramic hands ?


There was food stands all over the place – we had oysters (it was the right season), moroccan tagine (which was poorly prepared) and Brazilian drinks.


The biggest merchant was the Swiss Army surplus. This is the genuine Swiss Army, not the Victorinox or Wenger brand manufacturers.


This is one of the most popular area. The Swiss are very outdoorsy and will likely find year-round uses of all the camping and climbing equipment on offer.


One can acquire the entire camouflage outfit from top to bottom, sourced from several countries’ military forces – some actually says U.S. Army on it, some are clearly marked as German made.


Historically, the Swiss are well known for their military – the pope in the vatican still hires Swiss guards for ceremonies – the tourists love them. Now the country is neutral and its military is strictly defensive, and it is doing brisk business here selling surplus.


The expo was fun. Wish they do it more often.


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