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This is part 2 of our post on Langkawi’s Kilim Geoforest Park. Part 1 is here.


We made a few stops along the boat trip. The first is a short walk through a tropical jungle and a bat cave on a paved path. The bat was very hard to see from a distance as they were tiny and hanging on the side and roof of the cave in the dark. The only thing we saw was this rattlesnake, probably venomous given the triangular shape of its head. Mind you, this snake was not caged but just coiled up on a tree trunk.


The next notable animal we saw is this swimming reptile. It was at least 4-5 feet long.


Moving up the evolutionary scale, after the reptiles, we saw birds of prey.


These birds are accustomed to being “fed” by tourists and “trained” to fly and dive into the river for handouts (thrown into the water).


Not sure what type of  birds we were seeing, they have orange wings and black “fingers” and a white body.


At a couple of places, the boat slowed to a crawl where we can “interact” with the monkeys onshore. The guide gave us bags of peanuts.



Sue did not want any of the attention we were receiving from the simian mob.


This monkey boarded our boat and it was obviously very familiar with tourists and felt entitled to whatever that was onboard.


Neither shy nor aggressive. After some peanuts, it pooped on our boat, then disembarked by hopping into the water and swam ashore as our boat pulled away from its gang.


All in all an interesting day.


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