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While in Sicily, it was easy to find good inexpensive restaurants. We are not vegetarian but really enjoyed the offering at this vegetarian restaurant – Moon, in Ortigia.


MOON is an acronym for “Move Ortigia Out of Normality”.


The place has a bar, a dozen or so tables, a stage for performances possibly accompanied by a baby grand, and a small yard.


The outdoor space is more suited to drinks than a sit-down dinner in our opinion.


The white walls gives it the ambiance of an atelier. The space offers high ceilings, original moldings, exposed beams, etc.



The bar appears to be made from cabinet drawers. The liquors are framed.


Some tables top look like Rothko’s.


We had a citrus salad – orange and lemon trees are over the place – and it was very good.


The pasta dishes were also very good. IT had a vegetarian pasta carbonara.


I had a pasta with perfume of the sea. All very clever and well executed. Never thought the taste of a traditional Italian pasta can be pleasantly replicated with vegetarian ingredients only.


The transparent plastic place mats are decorated with sewing machine-made stitches and embroidery.


Prominent in the middle is a stage for musical performance.



The owner told us that each summer they provide food and board for a visiting musician who performs in the evenings. Too bad we were around long enough to see it.


We thought this machine was in working condition but it was not in use while we were there.


The restaurant organized a graphic design contest to find its logo.


A great place for food, drinks and music on this ancient island.


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  1. What is the perfume of the sea? Sounds refreshing!

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