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Siracusa is one of two cities we stayed for several days on the eastern part of Sicily. Taormina is the other, see our earlier posts about it here and here.

ortigia shore-1

The city of Siracusa itself is not very scenic, so we stayed instead on the island of Ortigia (or Ortygia in English) at the southeastern tip of Siracusa.

ortigia shore-12

The island of Ortigia at less than 1 square km is the oldest part of Siracusa.

ortigia shore-15

While we explored the island, we managed to walk pretty much the entire perimeter of the island, except the very tip where there is a fort. See the Italian coast guard’s boat at the port of Ortigia.

ortigia shore-9

Fontana Aretusa – apparently a fresh water source – right next to the sea ! No wonder the ancient sailors liked the place.

ortigia shore-3

A typical narrow street on Ortigia, often with a view of the sea in the distance.

ortigia streets-8

Luongomare Alfeo along the western side of the island

ortigia shore-4

The island is surrounded by the Ionian Sea.

ortigia shore-5

Luongomare d’Ortigia on the eastern side of the island

ortigia shore-8

The pictures here were taken on different days at different hours.

ortigia shore-7

The name Ortigia originates from the Ancient Greek ortyx (ὄρτυξ), which means “Quail”.

ortigia shore-10

A line of rocks were deposited here to break the waves on the eastern side of the island.

ortigia shore-11

The fortification here looks modern but we suspect that it was built on top of an older base.

ortigia shore-14

On the east side of the island, one can see the city of  Siracusa in a distance.ortigia shore-13

We will show you more of the streets of Ortigia in our next post.



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