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Continuing with our trip to Siracusa, Sicily … the apartment we rented is situated on the island of Ortigia and overlooks one of the newer and straighter main street on the island – Corso Giacomo Matteotti.ortigia apartment-15

The apartment is located on the top floor of a relatively new, mixed-use building. There is a Zara on the street level, government offices on the second floor, and several residential apartments on the higher floors.

Entrance hallway inside the apartment
ortigia apartment-1Notice the horizontal stripes, there are vertical stripes in the apartment too. The style of the decoration is bold to say the least.

ortigia apartment-2There was a bedroom opposite these chairs that were not opened to us (the place could officially sleep at least six people).

ortigia apartment-3

Kitchen – dining area

ortigia apartment-5

A bottle of local wine awaited us on the dining table. Nice touch by the owner.

ortigia apartment-6

The dining area is connected to the sitting area.

ortigia apartment-4

One wall of the sitting area is covered by a giant poster, advertising the re-presentation of the classical greek tragedy – Oresteia  (Orestiade di Eschillo; written in 458 BC) by Aeschylus  – one of the few complete plays that had survived.

ortigia apartment-8

Aeschylus is recognized as the father of greek tragedy and pioneered the concept of a “trilogy” – each play serves as a chapter in a continuous dramatic narrative.

ortigia apartment-7

The sitting area faces southwest and has a wrap-around terrace. The french doors fills the room with sunlight every day (particularly in the afternoon).

ortigia apartment-9

The terrace overlooks Corso Giacomo Matteotti and the Palazzo Greco across the street. The National Institute of Ancient Drama (L’Istituto Nazionale del Dramma Antico, INDA) which celebrates their 100th year in 2015 is situated in the palazzo (photo below). Given the poster concerning a greek tragedy faces the palazzo, someone who lived in this apartment must have something to do with INDA, we think.

ortigia apartment-16

The layout of the apartment resembles that of a loft, even though there are hallways and corridors. The walls of the corridors and rooms are not structural.

ortigia apartment-10

This psychedelic corridor leads to our bedrooms and the bathroom.

The rather dramatic crimson red and inky blue master bedroom.

ortigia apartment-11

The boring second bedroom with three long empty bookshelves. Perhaps, it was used as a study.

ortigia apartment-14

The bathroom consists of two sets of sinks and toilets at opposite ends of a space joined in the middle by a tiled shower and sunken “tub”.

ortigia apartment-13

Ethnic vs modern ends of the bathroom.

ortigia apartment-12

Sue found the apartment really relaxing, with the doors opened and sunlight streaming into the living room.

ortigia apartment-17

The manager, Alessandra, was also very hospitable and helpful with information, and we had a very nice stay.


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