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While in Siracusa, IT and I(Chris) had lunch at a very popular salumeria – F.lli Burgio – next to the market on the island of Ortigia. They claim to be a specialist of artisanal products of Sicilian gastronomy.


On their website, they listed a taste laboratory and a showroom (which was where we were). They also listed several stores in France which are likely their export partners.


The counter was packed. They offered tastings too.


Anchovies (Chris and Sue have divergent feelings about this item)


Sun-dried tomatoes made from a special local variety – Pomodoro di Pachino (yes, the Godfather actor probably took his name from this commune in Siracusa) – especially Ciliegino (cherry size).


Olives – it’s DOP.


The drier and hotter climate likely cause sicilian agricultural products to taste slightly different from the mainland version. We cannot yet tell the difference because everything was new to our taste buds.


Cheeses: fresh provole (provolone-like, pear shaped), goat cheeses – Cinniri (flavored with ash of almond trees) and Zubia.

buglio-14These provole must have been smoked.




The store was mobbed as it was lunch time. So we sat outside in the Piazza where they have set up picnic tables. The menu is simple. Each person orders a platter of cured meat, smoked fish or mixed. All comes with unlimited bread.


The way they present cold cuts, dried sliced fish, salads, olives, pies and cheese wedges on a wooden board is unique. It comes in about 10 or so small glass containers -from sharp appetizers, hard cheeses (not too stinky), salty meats, to sweet dessert. The dessert was a cannoli (inside out) in a small champagne flute.


Outside on the piazza, some people had a whole table full of meat, cheeses, roasted veges, sun-dried tomatoes and bread.

A rock band was playing in the background during lunch time.


We suspect that these whole table servings came from a sandwich shop immediately next door to F.lli Burgio. That shop was also very popular. Every  sandwich was made to order by this grandpa-like person. There was a long line of hungry customers and onlookers, all licking their lips.


We really enjoyed the food, the crowd, and the ambiance !


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  1. Taste laboratory!! Best lab ever. My family would love this place.

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