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It was August 1, Switzerland’s National Day and everything was closed around us. Our friend A and F thought – why not spend a day in France ?  Since many shops were holding an end of the summer sales, we could benefit from some dernière démarque, tax-free shopping. So off we went to Annecy.


Annecy was super-busy and we were so glad that we booked our table at La Ciboulette in advance.


We made a one’o clock reservation, the restaurant was full; and we were the last to leave, hence, the empty tables.


La Ciboulette serves contemporary continental fare. It was the first time for all of us.


The dining room has modern oak paneling, and during the summer it is opened to a courtyeard filled with plants.


Interesting silver salt and pepper shakers (Angry Birds) and bougeoir on each table.


We all had the “Gourmandise” set menu which started with an amuse bouche – a cool cerviche.


We were very happy with our lunch, the service and thought that the whole experience calls for one michelin star.




Well, when we looked the restaurant up online back home, they do indeed have one michelin star.


Cheese course – the trolley and cheeses is ….






We ended the day with one of the most fantastic fireworks shows we ever saw. Annecy had its Fete de Lac on that day and the fireworks were synchronized with music from the 70’s to the present. The show ended with Sia’s Titanium.


We are happy to know this place as Annecy is packed with touristy restaurants.

Highly recommended.


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