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We were traveling with IT and MW on this trip to Denmark. One of their favorite activities is crawling flea markets and antique stores. Copenhagen is fresh pasture for them and we shared the excitement.

IT's loot-17

One area in Copenhagen where there is a good concentration of antique shops is Nørrebro –  an area that feels like the East Village in NYC.

IT's loot-5

We had a daily show-and-tell session to examine and admire the loot. Below are some of IT’s loots. We will put up MW’s in a later post.

IT's loot-4

Zither –  a popular instrument in central Europe and alpine countries, related to the guitar. It can be played flat on the table or on the lap.

IT's loot-3

IT has been buying musical instruments lately especially ones that can still be played.

IT's loot-1

At the time, we really doubted whether she could carry all these stuff to the airport and then home. Well, she somehow got home safely with every thing she bought.

IT's loot-2

Harmonicas are much more portable.

IT's loot-11

.IT's loot-12

We wandered how much cleaning IT will need to do to the harmonicas before they are “safe” to use.

IT's loot-13

.IT's loot-14

IT bought other knick-knacks.

IT's loot-6

A well-balanced hand mirror, definitely useful.

IT's loot-7

Apparently, some of these pieces cost very little, especially if you bargain and if you combine it with another sale.

IT's loot-8

What was this made for ? Borderline junk ?

IT's loot-10


IT's loot-9


IT's loot-21

There is more to come.





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  1. The “borderline junk” is in fact a very handsome portable brass ash-tray that is over a 100 years old!

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