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And then there were the four of us (C & S, IT, MW)…  on this trip to Copenhagen (København, Danemark). It was indeed a good idea to rent an apartment – more economical and convivial.


Our apartment is located in Christianshavn just across the inner harbor from the city center. We could walk to the center in under 15 minutes.


Our host is a stage designer who evidently applied her skills to decorate the place. The result is unique and fantastic.


She baked us fresh bread in the oven in the apartment and took it out as we arrived – the apartment is filled with that warm and welcoming smell – a trick that is borrowed from a real estate agent’s playbook.


We liked to gravitate around the table in the dining room.


Breakfast, one morning, including the bread our host baked for us.


We have gloriously high ceilings, except the kitchen and the upper floor. P


Parts of the apartment felt like a loft but it isn’t since it was not built for an industrial purpose in the first place.

MW’s new old guitar


The apartment was very bright – possibly the dining room windows face south or east. We got a lot of sunshine in the morning.


The living room is large and thus appeared to be sparely furnished – the sofa, coffee table, and chairs are adequate.


One side of the living room is lined with bookshelves. Above the shelves are shallow alcoves where a few pieces of art are displayed and lit. The light can be turned on or off remotely to accent (show off) the art work.


Many fixtures in the apartment are classic Danish designer pieces.


In the middle of the living room, there was a iMac on a rather large custom-made, leather-wrapped table (used to be a draughtsman’s table) and a vintage designer office chair, topped with a shaggy sheep skin seat cover.


The TV is relegated to a corner of the living room behind a door. That’s how important TV is to the host’s family.

More pictures to come … but if you are curious to see what we rented when we were in Paris, click here.


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