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Continuing with the tour of our rental apartment in Copenhagen (København, Danemark)… part 1 is here.

This is our oversized living room with windows facing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs across Strandgade.


The apartment is in a historic building so we suspect that many aspects of the apartment cannot be altered. For example, the kitchen and the two bathrooms are rather small relative to the living room, by today’s standard.


Similarly, the master bedroom is small while it is adequate for us. Loved the old gold effect on the bed and the wall.


There is a small door behind the bed that, judging by its position, lead to the landing outside the main entrance … for sneaking in or out of the bedroom … intriguing.


As the host is a designer, the apartment is full of interesting details. Galloping horse door handle.


Vintage furniture.


Preserved architectural details in the bedroom.


Homemade original art, vintage lighting.


Studio ambiance.


At dusk.


Snowflakes-patterned window pane in the bathroom.


It was a perfect apartment for a short stay but we are not sure if it is practical for a family to live in it year round – the host has a family with kid(s) – perhaps that is the reason why this apartment is rented out.

This place reminded us of the apartment we rented in Vienna, see earlier post here.


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