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Kiin Kiin is a modern thai restaurant in København, Danemark, and apparently the only Thai restaurant outside of Thailand that has been awarded one Michelin star.


Upon arrival, we were not taken to our table but were shown to a seating area, very dim with a low table. Downtempo music was piped in from somewhere.


We were informed that before the dinner, a multi-course amuse bouches (“street food” in their parlance) will be served !

Pickled and fried lotus root.


Soya cashew meringue – really good.


The Asian server was a bit awkward at first because he was trying too hard to act as if we are “old friends”. We did not understand half of the descriptions of the courses when he mixed it with his jokes.


Can’t remember what these bunches of wheat grass was about – we didn’t eat the grass – that we can recall.


The seating area was so dim that we could hardly see the food we ate, which is a shame.


We, in fact, really needed the explanations as the dishes were so clever and surprising while tasting quite delicious.


This dish has something to do with the smell of Bangkok and the smoke was we believed created by a BBQ.


The smoke was trapped and used to cook and present the grilled sausages.


We were quite impressed by the inventiveness of each of the amuse bouches … we thought we ate about 8 different items.


Then we were led upstairs to our table … see next post.


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