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Continuing with our adventures in Denmark (København, Danemark) earlier this year …

If you have just joined, part 1 starts here. We went to Copenhagen in June – the beginning of their summer.

… Certain areas of Copenhagen really looked like Amsterdam. We took a boat tour of its harbor and canals.


cph hilights-3

Nyhavn (new harbor) in the middle of the city.


cph hilights-1

From the boat, we saw the back of one of Copenhagen’s defining sights – Little Mermaid. It is really little despite its fame. Locally, it is best known for its history as a stolen item – parts of the statute have been cut and removed several times.


Tourists and locals alike, relaxing by the canal – Nyhavn, where there are endless bars and restaurants.


… including the Hong Kong Night Club.

cph hilights-2

Copenhagen Opera House

cph hilights-4

The harbor also has a military presence.

cph hilights-5

One day we all went our separate way. I(Chris) went to a museum about beer (see later post).

But we met up for an afternoon snack at the Cafe Royal of the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel – a historic hotel that was designed by Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen for Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) in the early 1960s.


The entire hotel – from the exterior façade through to the stainless-steel cutlery used in the restaurant, and the Swan and Egg chairs gracing the lobby – was designed by him.


Poster-size photos of the glamour of yesteryears adorn the cafe walls.


In downtown Copenhagen near the Rosenborg Castle Park (Kongens Have) stood the Danish Film Institute, it had a cinema and DVD shop. The entrance of the institute is flanked by these two cartoony animal head sculptures … we are not sure if it was from an actual cartoon.




Next up will be photos of the neat Designmuseum and the incomparable Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Don’t miss them.


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