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Continuing with Den Blå Planet (the blue planet) in Copenhagen …

See earlier post here … a few more photos of the building’s architecture.


Futuristic without feeling cold, I may even say it looks organic, possibly because there were no right angles or sharp corners in sight.


They have very few mammals but this pair of sea otters are new arrivals and very cute indeed. We also saw some otters in Lisbon’s aquarium, they are ever so entertaining (to see more otters, click here).


This section of the aquarium is the Amozonas – the sunken forest, which features Europe’s largest herd of carnivorous piranha – I wished we knew the feeding hours – it would be quite a sight !


There were giant catfish as well as normal ones.


They are a bit more colorful than the ones we expect to see normally.


We have no idea what kind of fish this is. They are huge with dark green scales and some orange tinge near the tail. Their heads look fossilized.


The skin around its head looks like the exoskeleton of the mature alien in the movies Alien, Aliens, etc.


The polka-dotted, flat plaice or flounder are stunning. Those dots serve the opposite function of camouflage ! What is the evolutionary benefit ? To attract mates ?




And there is this one that obviously lives close to land given its muddy color. Just don’t tell me that they are the males and females of the same species with the polka-dotted ones.


This look like a giant goldfish.


We had lunch at the aquarium and on its menu was fish and chips. I (Chris) went for the shrimp salad – the shrimps were caught in Greenland and hand-peeled !  (as described in the menu)


From the restaurant, one can see the turbines for wind energy which has been adopted very successfully here. They sell electricity to Sweden and Germany.


Nice aquarium.





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