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Well, the arrival of 2016 interrupted the 2-part posts on the Carlsberg beer museum. This story took 2 years to complete !

Part 1 is here.  Continuing with the tour of the Carlsberg beer museum …

The brand name Carlsberg combines the founder – J.C. Jacobsen’s son’s name – Carl with a variant of the Danish word for mountain “berg”.

beer museum-2

The museum grounds also house the old labs – Carlsberg Laboratorium (above) and the Carlsberg’s R&D center (below) which appears to have a very oriental-styled roof – there must be some history behind it which is unknown to me.

beer museum-1

We toured part of the old lab. Professor Hansen must have contributed mightily to the quality of life of drinkers worldwide.

beer museum-22

Also on display are vintage beer delivery vehicles. This Ford T was in use in 1922.

beer museum-5


beer museum-13

For a modest admission fee, which was already covered by my city tourist pass, I was treated to two beers – one is supposed to taste like the beer made in the old days.

beer museum-17

In addition, they do beer tasting here twice a day but I wasn’t there at the right time.

beer museum-16

The brewery was converted in 1999 into a visitor center and in 2005, the modern microbrewery was established on site.

beer museum-15

The facility is fully functional to produce from malt to bottle – all modern technology under a 1890’s roof.

beer museum-19

It produces beer sold under the J.C. Jacobsen label.

beer museum-28

Six different types.

beer museum-32

Apparently, this brewery were selling beer under the Tuborg brand in Tianjin, China back in early 1900’s. But the lady looks a bit creepy.

beer museum-31

It was a fun visit.

beer museum-25

More giant beer bottle labels – they were designed by Thorvald Bindesbøll (1846-1908) and included in the collection of the Designmuseum, Denmark. See our next post about this institution.

beer museum-24

Cheers !




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