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Part 2 of this three-part posts is about all the other types of boats that we saw on the canals, beside buses, taxis and gondolas. As the canals are the main thoroughfares for the city, most if not all of the services are delivered by boats. It was fun spotting these boats.

Parcels by DHL

venice bus taxi-10


venice bus taxi-8

Carabinieri (military police)

venice bus taxi-1

Ambulanza (by the way, in the background of this photo is an island (isola di san michele) dedicated to serve as a cemetery, cimitero)

venice bus taxi-4

Garbage disposal  – we saw men picking up by hand household garbage in bags placed in front of homes, and putting them into metallic carts, the carts were then pushed up to the edge of the canal where the carts are grabbed and loaded into the boat.

venice bus taxi-7

Refrigerated storage (perishables for restaurants)

venice bus taxi-5

General delivery (?)

venice bus taxi-9.

venice bus taxi-13

Heating oil delivery or drainage ?

venice bus taxi-6

Delivery of clean linen and pickup of used ones (laundry for hotels and restaurants)

venice bus taxi-12

We saw these boats frequently, considering that most of the businesses in the city are in the hospitality sector.

venice bus taxi-3

Construction debris collecton

venice bus taxi-2

Repair shop for boats (“garage”)

venice bus taxi-11

Gas station

venice bus taxi-18

It was fascinating for city dwellers like us who are used to seeing these services delivered on wheels. Not until one sees it, the functioning of the city completely lacking motor vehicles was hard to picture in the mind.


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  1. Our kids love Venice!!

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