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A short break at the La Biennale Giardini site (56th International Art Exhibition), near the shop, we found this cafeteria.

cafeteria milano-1

We were, by that time in late afternoon, quite tired from all the walking and gawking. It was a welcoming sight even it looked totally chaotic at first.

cafeteria milano-9

While the patrons and their snacks and coffees were discernible, the counter was harder to see.

cafeteria milano-6

Stripes and bright blocks of colors – nicely done.

cafeteria milano-5

A cubist painting was created by the faceted mirrors that produce in real space a fragmented graphic effect.

cafeteria milano-7

The cafeteria was designed by Tobias Rehberger in 2009, titled “Was du liebst bringt auch zum Weinen” (what you love also brings cry).

cafeteria milano-4

The design reminded us of objects from Ettore Sottsass’s Memphis movement.

cafeteria milano-2

Filled with bold and colorful motifs, the entire space was graphical.

cafeteria milano-8

We relished our caffeine break and foot-resting … and then continued our tour of the nations’ pavilions in the Giardini.




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