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The 86th International Motor Show was held in Geneva from March 9 to 19 this year. Since we recently changed our car, the dealer sent us a set of tickets to the show and invited us to the brand’s pavilion for a snack and drinks and check out the latest models.


It was impossible to take photos of the cars without 20 or 30 persons standing next to it. To show off the cars, there were floodlights and spotlights every where. Then we noticed some very interesting headlights and taillights. And here they are.


Some of them looked as if they are made with double-digits carat gemstones.

Shine bright like a diamond
Shine bright like a diamond


Find light in the beautiful sea
I choose to be happy
You and I, you and I
We’re like diamonds in the sky.


We went to the show several years ago and the set up is more or less the same.  The stands exhibiting garage equipment and car accessories are placed near the entrance near the train station. So they get a lot of foot traffic. The pavilions of the car manufacturers are in the main halls.


It was the last weekend so the place was packed. In the main hall, the walkways were so packed with people gawking and snapping photos that it was not possible to walk normally. Sue really did not like the surging crowds, nor did I.  It felt unsafe: the thought of stampede and the risk of catching a respiratory ailment from someone in the crowd.


Despite the crowds, we did see some very nice and shiny cars.


Toyota and Lexus had some very sharp-looking angular lights – quite different from those developed by the Germans.


Some do look like animal’s eyes.


LED lights certainly changed the whole industry allowing the designers to come up with aesthetically interesting lights that presumably outperform the last generation.

carlights-10 .

carlights-12The taillights have also received an update.  A classic corvette below.

carlights-13Guess which brand of car is this ?


This was a Toyota Prius 5th or 6th generation.


Alright, that all folks !


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