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Jomon no Yado Manten (JNYM, 縄文の宿 まんてん) was our lodgings for 3 days on Yakushima 屋久島. It is 1-minute walk from the airport, basically just across the 2-lane main road that circumnavigates the island. The airport is really an airstrip and it closes after the last flight left or landed in late afternoon.


Between the two ryokans that we stayed, Yakakutei in Kirishima and JNYM, the onsen is hotter in Kirishima. Both had an open air section. Which is better ?  It is down to personal preference.


JNYM has better atmosphere in that the inn is more spread out, closer to nature, and feels sunnier overall. We enjoyed staying at both.


Like Yakakutei, we had a meal plan with this ryokan – breakfast and dinner. This option is more critical here because there is not even a 7-11 in sight – only a few vending machine at best.


At JNYM, one of the dinners is a proper casual kaiseki.


By this time, we were quite spoiled and expected nothing less every day.  =P


Being on an island, the fishes were unquestionably super-fresh.


Whole flying fish deep-fried.


Seaweed, sour – cleansed the palate it certainly did.




Yes, we know what you are thinking, but this is how it was presented to us.


Strange looking shellfish which we found in our soup. Never seen them before.




To be fair, in our opinion, Yakakutei provided better food. Click here to see Yakakutei. But this was more than adequate.


Since this place is catered to hikers, the meals were less elaborate or fussy, and more Western, especially in the morning.


They even gave us packed lunch one day for our hiking. We enjoyed our time there and are happy to recommend JNYM.

With this level of service and food, why would we want to stay in a regular hotel ever again in Japan ?




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