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On Valentine’s day February 14, Sunday, we encountered a protest in Tokyo.

Harajuku is the geographic area spreading from Harajuku JR Station south along Omotesando down to Meiji-dori. It is better known internationlly as a center of youth fashion – especially Takeshita dori (竹下通り).  After we crossed Meiji-dori, Sue and IT stopped at a vintage clothes stand to peruse second hand fur coats and kimonos.

We heard them at first, then we see a column of protesters led by a police van, clearing the streets ahead the crowds.



“Smash Fascism ! Abe out !”




Rappers doing their thing on trucks were leading the chant.




“Take Back Democacy. Keep Calm and No War.”




“Teens stand up to oppose war.”


People from all walks of life participated. Not just young people.




Young and old people, men and women – . “This is what democracy looks like …”.




The protest was very organized and people were behaving. But it created a huge traffic jam on Omotesando all the way back to Aoyama dori.




We saw the protesters again just outside the Harajuku JR station.




“No nukes. No war.”




“Make some noise, Tokyo”



They certain did make a lot of noise. A peaceful successful protest indeed.


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