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This is part 2 of a series of posts which is about re-acquainting with the authentic tastes of Japanese food that we have been eating outside Japan – all in the one week we had in Tokyo. Part 1 is about noodles, and for more traditional meals (click here and here to see those posts).

Part 2 is about drinks and snacks.

We spent half a day at Skytree with CK from the US who happened to be on vacation in Japan. Skytree is Tokyo’s main broadcast tower, completed in 2012, with a commercial center on the east side of town. There were of course all manners of shops and restaurants, and also a world beer museum.

tokyo food 2-1

The “museum” is really just a drinking place with several bars decorated according to some notion of what bars in other parts of the world look like.

Northern UK pub ?

tokyo food 2-4US bar ?

tokyo food 2-5


tokyo food 2-6

We ordered german sausages as snacks.

tokyo food 2-3

We chose a range of Japanese beers none of which we had heard before – Coedo, Baird, Mongozo (Mango), White by Hitachino and one that mentions red miso on its label.

tokyo food 2-2

Izakaya居酒屋 is a type of informal Japanese gastropub, casual places typical for after-work drinking. Think of it as a tapas/pintxos bar if you like.

tokyo food 2-15

After a hard day of walking and shopping in Shibuya, we wandered into 鶏屋 – 東方見聞録 (“chicken house – il milione” or “Chicken house – The Travels of Marco Polo”) –  it is one of seven in a chain of izakaya owned by Sanko 三光 (click here).

tokyo food 2-14

This izakaya is located on the fourth floor of a building packed with restaurants – two minutes from the Shibuya JR station.

tokyo food 2-11.

tokyo food 2-12

It is a chicken house, hence, a parade of BBQ or deep-fried chicken.

tokyo food 2-9

Finger-licking good.

tokyo food 2-10

Since we were not able to use the tablet to order the dishes (the food is meant to be eaten slowly and ordering on-demand while drinking), we ordered everything in one go and ended up with more than what we expected.

tokyo food 2-7

We even managed to order a couple of rice dishes.

tokyo food 2-8Can’t believe we ate it all.

tokyo food 2-13

Kanpai !



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