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The earlier posts in this series are all about authentic Japanese foods that we have been eating some exported versions outside Japan (Part 1 is about noodles, part 2 about izakaya, part 3 is about grilled foods as well as tonkatsu and curry, and part 4 is about wagashi.

Japanese snacks is an entire world of new experiences – fun or luxurious packaging, interesting ingredients, traditional or modern tastes – sweet, salty, spicy, fishy, in myriad combinations, or all at once.


Our bag of crackers came from a supermarket nearby.  This slice of squid caught our eyes.


Some pieces looked like fossils of ancient crustaceans recovered from an archaeological dig.


Marbled with seaweed, they are tasty.


We must be mad – taking portraits of rice crackers.


well, after a long day of trekking around Tokyo …


In addition to these supermarket products, we tried some fancy shrimp crackers that come in a gift box, ten individually wrapped and cost almost $20.  (we ate them quickly and are not shown here)


While eating salty crackers, you might want something to drink. Not a problem around here. The street corner at the end of our street has ten vending machines !


The machines sell mostly soft drinks, but also cigarettes.


Pepsi, no Coke. Buying drinks this way is really inexpensive, most are about 120 to 140 yen.


Marlboro and Lark.


One machine sells alcohol, Asahi, and Kirin beer, sake and even whisky.


The vending machines also sell warm/hot drinks – tea and coffee but also this warm sweet corn soup. It was quite tasty and felt nourishing – IT’s fav. There are more than 60 different kinds of drinks available from these machines.


This is my favorite, Green DaKaRa – a watery juice mix or multi-flavored water. I(Chris) cannot describe it. One can work it out by deciphering the icons … ok, it has various citrus fruits, tomatoes, grapes, aloe, honey, white substances, black beans, diamonds and a gold bar ?!


One of Sue’s fav is the peach water below.


On the way to the airport, we bought all these drinks with the lose change in our pocket … before security check, without thinking … meaning we had to finish them while waiting in line !


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