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This is no. 7 in a series of posts that is about funny business names or signs that we saw. Since we visited Japan recently, we would make this post a Tokyo special.

See Hilarity in names #1, #2, #3#4#5 and #6 at the respective link.


Fun shop names-1

“Master Bunny Edition” – a line of Golf wear, really.

Fun shop names-3

“The Obsession Gallery”

Fun shop names-6

“Raw Life”

Fun shop names-7

“Hair Slug”

Fun shop names-4

“C’est Bien” – It’s well – SM gears.

Fun shop names-8

” Whoop’-de-doo’ ”   – costume no age

Fun shop names-5

“Vandalism” – an alternative cafe and bar

Fun shop names-2

Tokyo is rich.

Don’t forget to check the other posts.


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