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If you have been following the blog, you would have read about two Moscow metro stations – Komsomolskaya and Mayakovskaya – as well as the exhibition Subterranean Monument at the museum of architecture. Click on it to read.

moscow metro 3-3

As I did not really have a chance to explore many of the interesting stations during my several days in Moscow, I tried snapping pictures wherever I can.

moscow metro 3-16

Despite the palatial design and decoration of the stations and platforms, the metro carriages themselves are pedestrian, beige and brown color scheme, nothing special … it could have been the metro of any 20th century city.

moscow metro 3-7

The facilities for electronic ticket processing are highly variable depending on the station. The stored value RFID-based fare card is known as Troika (Тройка), like the Oyster in London, or Octopus in Hong Kong.

moscow metro 3-6

These looked as if they are taken from a 50’s sci-fi movie.

moscow metro 3-5

Below are a collection of photos (that I think) will give an impression of not only the beauty in the metro system’s designs and decorations but also the scale and diversity in its implementation across the capital city.

moscow metro 3-2

Wall and ceiling decorations

moscow metro 3-1


moscow metro 3-4.

moscow metro 3-14


moscow metro 3-8.

moscow metro 3-10.

moscow metro 3-11

Light fixtures

moscow metro 3-13


moscow metro 3-15

and heros …

moscow metro 3-12

If you want to see more stations, goto this link on CNN.


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