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In these few posts, I am putting up photos of Russian art on display in the Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val (Третьяковская галерея на Крымском Валу) – a branch of the State Tretyakov Gallery. Click to see Part 1 and Part 2.

ru art pt 3-13

This section includes art from the period after the 1920’s.

ru art pt 3-1

According to the museum guide, this generation of artist was brought up on the avant garde but they created a figurative and conventionally expressive style.

Y Pimenov – Get Heavy Industry Going !  – 1927

ru art pt 3-2

K. Redko – An Uprising- 1925

ru art pt 3-3

According to the museum guide, paintings depicted industrial labor, technology and sports channeling the notion of an utopia where man create the world by his force.

ru art pt 3-4.
ru art pt 3-7

The modern woman, strong, free and liberated was a prominent theme in the art of the 1930’s.
ru art pt 3-6

P Konchalovsky, Portrait of V E Meyerhold, 1938

ru art pt 3-8

A Gerasimov – Stalin and Voroshikov in the Kremlin, 1938

ru art pt 3-14


ru art pt 3-11.

ru art pt 3-10

V. Popkov – The builders of Bratsk – 1960

ru art pt 3-12.

ru art pt 3-9A Plastov, Spring 1954

ru art pt 3-16

D. Zhilinsky – By the seaside, a family – 1964

ru art part 5-13

Y Korolyov, The Outer Space Brethern, 1981

ru art pt 3-15

More art to come.


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