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After all that Russian art that came before this post, we thought a post about a hearty meal is apt.

El Asador de Aranda is a chain of steakhouse in Spain that are well-known for their suckling lamb roasted in clay oven. We went to the one in downtown Madrid on Calle de Preciados. Given its central location, it is a bit touristy but we were hungry and a bit intrigued by its appearance.


We suspect the restaurant wants to replicate the ambiance of a castle and therefore surrounded the entire dinning space with heavy wooden panels – the kind one expect to see in a church or a court of law.


The almost-medieval decor gives the impression that the restaurant takes its food seriously, the old-fashioned way.


We trusted their statement despite its touristy location.


They claim to have over 50 years of experience in slow-roasting suckling lamb – their slogan is “el cordero como ya nadie lo cocina” (lamb like nobody cooks it anymore).


We ordered the touristy basics – started with sangria and gazpacho.


All good.


The steak was good. Probably because they showered it with salt flakes just before serving.


We order their specialty – a leg of lamb  – which they show you and then cut up into pieces. It was certainly very tender, but the steak was better if you ask me.


Here is the clay wood-burning oven and somebody’s order of steaks and half a lamb.


We are so used to going to the supermarket instead of the butcher – it is a bit startling to see a whole animal on a plate.


Reliable and recommendable. The chain’s website is here.

They have quite a few restaurants around the country, three in Madrid, three in Barcelona, and three in Aranda de Duero (a small town just north of Madrid) where they started.




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  1. Hi I’m leaving for Madrid again tonight: this post comes in handy cos u forgot the name of the restaurant! Thanks, Chris. And your series on Rissian art is ‘ educational’!

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