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We arrived at Madrid in mid-afternoon and missed lunch. So we settled for a snack at this hotel situated in the same plaza as our apartment. This was in June 2016.


The eatery is located in the ME Madrid Hotel Reina Victoria situated in the west end of Plaza Santa Ana.


There are several different areas – upon entry there is a bar.


The eatery’s front door faces the plaza in the heart of the Literary Quarter (Barrio de las Letras).


… then there is a lounge area for reading or surfing …

There is a restaurant at the back that looked decent.



We sat in an area where they served us snacks.


It was really relaxing as we can watch the activities in the plaza, while sitting in the shade under a ceiling fan with a cold drink. It was sunny and quite hot outside.

Our snacks were standards with a slight twist and they were tasty. Do not remember seeing tapas/pintxos on the menu – may be because the real kitchen is closed.

We had quite a few of these dishes as we were hungry.


As it got later at night, there was a velvet rope scene outside for the roof top bar next door.  But this place was packed. There was a DJ spinning, facing the plaza, so it was very lively in the evening – almost too noisy for we had an apartment facing the plaza.


Plaza Santa Ana reminded us of Washington Square Park in NYC.


Definitely worth stopping by for a drink, especially in the evening.



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