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At a business meeting where we stayed for several days, the hotel put up these painting in its lobby area.

pop art-8

The artist is Léon represented by Samhart gallery and the hotel is Chalet Royalp Hôtel at Villars-sur-Ollons. Hope they sell well, this is fun.

pop art-7

We could use some Pop Art to lighten up – 21st century superhero/villain presented in Roy Lichtenstein style – bold colors, block contours and Ben-Day dots.


pop art-9

Some of these superheros/villains come from comic strips from which Lichtenstein originally borrowed for his works.

pop art-5

The very tight framing is done well – just enough to allow the viewer to recognize the character while retaining the tension generated by the closeness.

Think cat and mouse.

pop art-2

Snow white

pop art-6

pop art-12.

pop art-4.

pop art-11Robocop – engine oil

pop art-10

Even fellow artists got the superhero treatment.


pop art-3

Micky Warhol

pop art-1

The names mentioned above next to the paintings are not the actual titles ( I did not look at them closely) – I took these photos rather quickly during breaks from the meetings.

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