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San Sebastián-Donostia is well known for its collection of Michelin-star restaurants (at least 16 stars in one city, just behind Kyoto – see our visit to Arzak here).  It also has a fair share of popular fun restaurant such as Va Bene, just a couple of blocks from where we were staying.


It’s a burger joint. Va Bene sounds Italian to us but it might also be Spanish (feel free to comment below). Its full name might be “Va Bene Disco Burger” (see sign below).


Behind the red bar is a DJ setup and racks of vinyl LPs – may be it turns into a disco after dark.


There is a disco across the street, we imagine these places would be packed after dark.

The interior is mostly painted firehouse red and packed wall to wall with American signs from the yesteryears. Norman Rockwell posters galore.


They have a Coca-Cola bottle dispenser and assorted vintage knick-knacks, except everything looks shiny and brand new.


This is really a complete package of Americana that is designed to create that warm and fun environment.



The menu is extremely flexible, every ingredient can be combined with every other ingredient in different combinations.


One of us tried the white toast with Spanish ham and cheese.


We went during lunch. It was not busy but a stream of people kept coming in.  This place is not far from the beach so this kind of American fast food must be popular.


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