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For the new year, I got myself a new pair of glasses – another ic! Berlin – the fourth.

It came in the brand’s original iconic screw-shaped container, except this time it is in black opaque.


I am not a brand-loyal consumer except when it comes to eyewear. In the past, it had been difficult when it is time for changing prescription strength and frame. I have bounced between unbranded frames to traditional brand (e.g., Silouhette), to eyewear that licensed a designer’s name (e.g., CD for Christian Dior).


My last pair of ic! Berlin is a non-metal frame – see earlier post about the harmonic oscillator. This year I am back to wearing a minimalist metal frame. The style is very classical, some might say boring.


More than 10 years ago, I tried ic! Berlin the first time and really liked the weight, the screw-less hinge and the wide range of styles it offered.


It has something contemporary about it without being over-fashionable or techno. The model is “cinja s.” and in marine blue/pearl.


The frame and the limbs are of different colors and finishes. The frame is dark blue and matt, while the limbs are metallic and greyish. The orange background here might have made the matt dark blue to appear black.


Is this a QR code ? Must be the smallest I have seen. My iphone cannot focus close enough to test it.


Speaking about information printed on the limb of the glasses … the optical shop in Hong Kong where I bought this frame has been selling ic! Berlin for 20 years and they showed me a frame with a limb printed with a personalized congratulatory message.


The four models I own are: roman, hotel neutor, harmonic oscillator and cinja s.


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