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We went hiking with YS when she was in town in June. Lac Lioson is in the Pic Chaussy massif at 1890 m, about an hour drive from home.


The glacier lake can only be reached on foot, according to our guide book, 1.5 hours from the Col des Mosses. We left the car just off Route 11 at the village of Les Mosses (red arrow) and walked uphill to the lake (yellow arrow).


It was our first hike for quite a few months and we were clearly not physically fit. The walk up from the village to the lake was shockingly strenuous because it was continuously steep.


We passed a dairy farm on our way up. This was the only portion of the 3 km walk that was flat. The vertical elevation of the entire walk is 400 meters.


Until we were near the lake,  there was hardly any step that landed on a flat surface.


We almost gave up but the lake scenery was well worth the effort.


The reflection of the mountain and patches of melting snow on the lake was stunning.


Thankfully, there was a restaurant where we could sit down and order some drinks.


Apparently it is an inn and one can stay overnight.


The lake is known for fishing and ice diving ! It claims to be a place with one of the highest altitude in which to fish.


Apparently, in winter its clear waters, topped by a thick layer of ice interspersed with trapped air bubbles, is magical for diving.


Behind the lake are slopes leading up to several peaks that are more than 2000 meters. Fog rolled in completely blocking any view of the the mountains.


Numerous brooks and small waterfalls ringing the lake feed it with water from melting snow.


We met a bunch of kids from the US camping by the lake (see colorful tents).


There was a path that allows one to walk around the lake.




By the time we were leaving, it was beginning to get dark.


This is another view of  the lake via Google Earth.

Liosin 2




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