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Monthly Archives: March 2017

This is no. 8 in a series of posts that is about funny business names or signs that we captured on film. From time to time during our travels, we come across English names that makes us laugh.

Check out Hilarity in names #1, #2, #3#4#5, #6 and #7.

Gentle Monster – Authorized Lens Service Store in Seoul


Xray at Zurich airport sells specs – these eyewear shops have imaginative names !


Meat Stop – a fast food joint in Moscow – bonus : there is a “pre-party bar” next door – I couldn’t decipher the cyrillic name.


iCracked – a store that repairs phone and tablet screens and sell protectors in Tokyo


This bar in Madrid is brutal.


“WELLMADE” in Seoul – something “for our work & life balance with Indian” ?  I cannot remember what it sells. The Korean sign above is advertising for a place called Geneva which provides cosmetic and dermatologic treatment including hair growth.


Lefties in Madrid


In the end, there is “anal” in Bilbao or perhaps it is “anai” or “ana1”  …

There are more to come …

These are the photos I (Chris) took and posted on Facebook. The series was started in March of 2013. There is no theme – just something random and visually interesting. We gave each a title and noted where it was taken (to the extent we could remember the city).

random photo #296 – the place – Milanotheplace-1

random photo #297 – untitled – Lac Léman


random photo #298 – hands up, no violence – Barcelona

random photo #299 – boca no.12 – Buenos Aires

׍7¯¡šÏ«ê†á›ÓŠH5½kÜâ¯ü÷b·ˆ~ÅÔI·´g,Ãõ{œ˜$|†ç78QØ"bGu$ ñܜi•³¿Ëß%KÔîv„’!niԏ§8ÿh{pa>7—ñ9š})É¿G¡é ®ŸHãß¾ýiœ>³_“Pw;9Ø°"ïï¬t»^öP‰û 7f>r.ÍË«Ÿ!Åý/àõ™äÍbä^}æO3^kRzÒ;·»‘ú³Ô{ÙÜZ1Äy›ùÿÍþ£Ïë;BYvAÞòF·®˜(±îÊÀ|HÃöY|23ÆD¨ógŠ¾ŒGU󦈾|°´úÂK/Õf[„#û®ew°©”ñ'†dãÂL–u Yí•ì3[‡‡ve*vîñÌIF‹“ X`?˜^wÐ4‹5nwŽúY>´ª¿¼XLf?PƒCN|?Ö^Y‘ƒ6ӒCšy ^húƆöm²•IbŒ+Š×–ßïü¿ÍÉDÚ␐ª§˜þaþbYC†ƒå$S§Oõ‰.#%Šº‚ü¾Ó3ÿÀæV,&ø§Õ®Y"èÆo¿0?0uK)­'½ÑÎ)3F HÊEªýšåã–þ^£OæX´~ZåCŤ÷"‹øe´NR›¦•o·'ñU-GlZÉJ®Ùæ!â£ìÐcI—ËG7,·Ú+Æ(:§vð_lâ=£öÂ¼Xï?'ó?«ý's Ñqz§Ëù¬ëÒD#T@Ï/ÈI7#d½hlíVòÎÂ5ÜËìi÷xæF“M“<¸qÄ̦sæñï;ùu›®oe"GSԝý³Ó»²Ž’ËûÉýN¯4ø“Î窹SØçN7ªbŠý†bKÒ'Q^õaÒEÿˆæ«Uõ¹¸y=¤/„„SCî‡Ð3½©Ä§Ò·ãÅäã -@^‚ÿÿÓé’qk‹Y‹”€°´ŠÒÚ+x"D¡B¨¢€lñ¼ÙŒç)Q‘z8@F 1ÿ1yÆ×M™­­BÏx>ÝwDù‘ú³¥ì/frjG_Ýâ?éæë5½¡g†>©<ãSÕ¥½¼k‹ëƒ4§ êG°g¤étx´ðàǺ™'”Üž“ù+ hZ¼Zž¡{_^Zt¥xðe¯¨AêK|?äàỒ+`[ðâ̽"ËUòO•ï.ô+I“M’tfÜ2¨æÃgèÿÙcþ®bðNbùӓÄAçoÎ7K×-OEÔâXo½6اŽ9/%¡å–bÓ ìÃ&`g›?3õjÖM"Ê{E¸yy3HÒ&èvP/¶_N³»T³ @j~qüÏÖôïÑú…Ë Xâ2ÚFPäÆ`1:ž–‘ÛiÞh·VKIžÙgJR£ß‰Ëk½¯Æ“ ò¶¯Ët·")‘ƒ¬ª[˜pkZë…‰Ì;™õŸ2 ´ú²j1?ÇÕx¤ýoõ²ƒ§7L†ªCf1}å}CX½–óTºšææ]ä•ÇÄ~“]²ØÐä×,äªÚy-‘”´³È€{}‘@pÛ2ÊbÞ UñQ°Øû`â`¶M2ΕKPL½<zmFÊw•œ1:Aþ-òí ÛšæKÉxR€’zPa¥¶eäÿ#їQÕ"Ûc Ôø;øˆÎÚ/h…„ïþRqÿs{ÙúõÌV,¶`Àð ³€È8·w7E$ó°º]”×L’ %"PI4ùtÿXåÚNÌüÎQ¤ªLg¨à×|èkfêòPXl‘®Ê‹à£=SCÙX´˜ø1Šÿu'[-A™Ý$’YMÈßmÇÌ1@¥”f­A'p@Ëqîm@¢—°íß,¦‹èôŸÉæ šî !šWÖç`äô·EúÄí Pvþ¹ŒÞˆµnuX֕KpesZ]—õáAÿÔéWOõÛ`ñ+!”PŽ¢‹×|¡š&bO¨¡6 Hm©ZbT_±N×a˜×à Ä}##ÄYpù¦–úN…w,ƽo¸äŠDB¬–z,eX)+ïLA*@Xÿ¡Ò*útޕ'zœ;®ËÒ[Z*>*£e¿´E Èðh¢Ð3jv⠜ÙEyÃ&ÅqªÆ#¡©V5ž•ëŠÒIq{+’+±î>ì’mtGP—´/+w Ø|ÏA˜Ú­n,âÉ!ۋòˆ¶oå¯"[Ø2Ýߑ=ÚТuDÿš›8Ùö¢yÁLJ÷xÿŠÇ?øˆ»íeˆz§ê—ûy‹Ï]Ž¡•‚K·4•aÿ’ûÖè;.lg4…cOó²UÌÔê„=#êAj~òå€$Ü«€(!ƒã$ÿ­öF_‡ÙýFymΛAÕÂg75H)!*Õ¥@됓t%Õx¼€=HéòÆ,2KeXŽÇ'M³ïÊ9xK¨­7&?§øf«V=NvOUw)9‘COŸA˜Íö­å®×rñäDŽgނ§õŒ)ÿÕè—j¯©@Y¦‘ ZðÙr€ÍZ®%bn ì n; mŠùæÈ×P^Lî~.»v“ë y¾’‘ùJk5[9îÀkhdàžŸå±;æhâžL2Œ NQp±·ºh„”MsÉ,AŠ Œ<kß<—´t2Óˆ@‰S¾Á—‹pœK–3Cá±Ì"›ç¸Y™7§ÂQëÃü² ‘úóe @ŽñýÜ¿ ãg¯¨ §òv9$Úú$ïÊ2WðÝss§ö“UŠ—ˆ?¦LŸŽ]8ª€ŸÈœ¾§sP7U‘HßæµÍî›ÚèÈ~òýCÿáäìšúOúd¶_+y†ÑË=«H§ö¢!ÇÜ7ü3sƒ·t™9LDÿOÒâÏC–=-̦UxÜ· FÕ÷͔3Â

random photo #300 – fishes – Punta Cana


random photo #301 – this way



random photo #302 – old guards – Saõ Paulo


random photo #303 – pots – London


random photo #304 – azure – Asti



random photo #305 – repent – Chenonceau


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Continuing from part 1 … as some of you may know, we have been putting up photos of bookstores from around the world. In addition to those posts that are linked in part 1, here are a few more that you can jump to: House of Books in Moscow, Alexandra in Budapest and the MIT Press in Boston.


La Rive Gauche is the left bank or southern bank of the Seine which includes the arrondissements 5 (Latin Quarter), 6 and parts of 7 – generally known for its bohemian and anti-establishment roots. My hotel was right next to the University of Paris, La Sorbonne main building and not far from the Panthéon.


Many of the bookstores are actually publishers – Editions Ivrea evolved from Editions Champ Libre which was founded after the May 1968 student riots in this same area of Paris.


Editions Champ Libre and its founder Gerard Lebovici were famous for their associations with the socialist/communist writers and political movements. Gerard Lebovici was assassinated in the 1980’s.


Just around the corner from my hotel is the Cinema du Panthéon, and down the street is a bookstore dedicated to the arts of film making. By the time I finished my meetings, it was dark already. So do excuse the lack of interior photos and the rather reflective window shots.


It is rare to find a specialist bookstore these days.

Voila – La Librairie du Cinema du Pantheon.


I remember one in the midst of the NY Broadway theaters – 46th between Broadway and 8th Ave ?


It sells movie posters, postcards … and some specialist DVDs are available – films about films.


“Paris In Cinema”, “Ciné Quiz”  … brain food for movie buffs

paris-books-25Monroe and Kubrick books …


A series of monographs published by the Cahier du Cinema, titled “Anatomy of an Actor” – Clooney, Brando, Pacino, Kidman, De Niro.


There are even film books written for kids, and movie guides for age 3-8 and age 9-12 !  – “200 films for you to see before becoming tall”.


There were other specialist bookstores in the area, e.g., philosophy by J Vrin


… Science and fantasy fictions … Galactic stories


… books on Asia


and law books by Dalloz.


Among all these bookstores is a shop that provide photocopying and digital scanning services.


I am sure there are a lot more bookstores in the area but I had to leave … my French needs to get better first before I come back to browse.



As some of you may know, we have been putting up photos of bookstores from around the world. This is another bunch to add to the pile. If you are curious, do click on the side bar and browse the filtered selections. Or jump to Rizzoli in Milano, T-site in Daikanyama, Tokyo, Livraria Cultura in Iguatemi, Sao Paulo, and Waterstones in Central London to start.


Last year, I (Chris) had a business meeting in Paris near the university, La Sorbonne. Understandably, the area when I was staying is full of bookstores and publishers. So it was quite convenient for me to snap all these pictures.


Due to the lack of time, the time of day of my walkabout and the weekend (they all close on Sunday), I really did not have much chance to enter the bookstores and browse – hence, the lack of interior photos and the rather reflective window shots.


All these bookstores are all within 10 minutes walk max from each other.



Editions Cassini publishes science books for the general public and those who are just curious about science.


In its window were work by Richard Feynman on planetary movements, and books about The Prisoner’s Dilemma (Game theory), the beauty of mathematical formulas, and John Maynard Smith’s evolutionary biology (also based on Game theory).


Editions Jacques Gabay publishes hardcore, academic mathematics and physics books by famous scientists – e.g., Einstein – the man himself.


See their publications on the Theory of General Relativity, Tensor Calculus, Theory of Electrons, etc. – all fundamentals of modern physics. Just having these books on your shelf will increase your IQ.


It was not all maths and sciences – on another street, there is Classiques Garnier. Since 1896, they have been publishing literary works of from around the world, French and foreign, ancient and modern, in reference editions.


Some French classics – e.g., poems in latin by Victor Hugo. If you are curious, download their 200-page general catalogue here. One can find classics from as early as the middle ages and Renaissance reprinted in paperback for a lot less than 100 euro.


Librairie des petits Platons –  publishes children’s books.


There is a shop that buys/sells old and perhaps rare books and second hand books … funny that there was a recycling bin in front of it.


I have been learning some French but by no means effective and definitely, my current ability does not allow me to enjoy these books.


Perhaps I was not in the right places in the US, never have I seen so many bookstores in one area and there are so many publishers who also run a brick-and-mortar store with a street front.

More to come in part 2 !