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Chris loves traveling, taking pictures of everything, looking at art, pondering design, listening to electronic music, and making/consuming good food.  Sue reads and tells funny stories.

Up until the end of January 2010, we lived in Edgewater, New Jersey, which is just across the Hudson river from New York city.  We are now living in the french-speaking region of Switzerland.


  1. Hey, did you recently add the Sue “reads” part? or did I miss that the last time?


  2. Hello~I should have gone to NY.
    My year ending holiday in LOTTE hotel was terrible. How are you doing nowadays?
    Please email me~ ^^

  3. how come no pictures of the two of you?

  4. Hi Chris,

    Could you provide your current email address ?

    And great pictures by the way

  5. Chris and Sue, how r u doing? Thank u sooooooooooooooo much for all ur love and support…….xxx

    Now have to sort out lots of bureaucracy…………..

    God bless u…..

  6. Hi. I would like to get permission before I use these on my facebook page.

    • Hi, you can use the photos for non-commercial purposes and acknowledge this blog as the source.

    • Awesome! Thank you!

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