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Our resort is located in Playacar which is a gated community at the south end of Playa del Carmen. We took a short cab ride into town one late afternoon as the bars and restaurants were beginning to open for business.  The driver dropped us off on the corner of Calle 8 norte and Avenida 5a, which is the midpoint of the main tourist pedestrian precinct (the “fifth avenue” as it is marketed to the tourists).  New York has its influence even here.  Because every one in the resort spoke English and most guests were American, we did not feel like being in a foreign country until we went into town. Boutique hotels, bars, and restaurants line the street, this must be a very happening place during spring break.  Although we felt very safe, we noticed policemen with machine gun hanging around some of the street corners.

Despite the obligatory tourist fare, we particularly liked a few stores that sold silverwares, mirrors, lamp shades, and textile products.  Like other tourists, we purchased some small souvenirs; and a big canvas bag for our snorkeling trip to Isla Mujeres the next day. – C



  1. Looks like a blast, great pictures as usual.

  2. That mirror place looks familiar…I think I was there with Adriana in August. I beleive the intense August heat and humidity made the wares way less compelling to us than you found them!

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