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Au Bon couscous is one of many touristy restaurants in the Latin Quarter, located just around the corner from our apartment. On one of the several rainy days in that week while we were in Paris, we ducked in Au bon couscous for a quick lunch.


There are many restaurants (Greek, Italian, French, Asian, Indian, Turkish) on this pedestrianized street – Rue de la Huchette. They were all trying to steer diners into their establishment by placing menu on the street and having a waiter outside.

The restaurant below has on its front a sign saying “FRENCH FOOD”. Can we get any more touristy ?

couscous-11According to Wikipedia, this street is one of the oldest street running along the Seine on the left bank – existing since the 1200’s. And it was already known for taverns and rotisseries since the 17th century. Here is a fine display of food ready to be grilled (but not from where we ate).


We entered Au Bon Couscous without being invited as we knew the type of food we wanted. The person at Au bon couscous was a big fellow whose physical presence was more threatening than welcoming. We bet he also moonlight as a bouncer at one of the bars nearby since he is very well-qualified.


Apparently, there is another Au bon couscous in Paris located in the 17th district. There is a restaurant in Lausanne called Au couscous (apparently not bon enough).


Couscous is North African in origin and third favorite dish of the French (surveyed in 2011). We are relying heavily on Wikipedia here.


I(Chris) like middle eastern food and was happy with the tagine. I had better but it was good enough.


We wondered if couscous is eaten with grilled meat traditionally. Perhaps it varies from country to country. The merguez sausage were quite good.


As we went around 11am, we were the first table of customers of the day. The restaurant served us a free round of drinks (a diluted anise-flavored liquor) when we sat down, and at the end of lunch, free hot mint tea.


The restaurant service was not refined but earnest.

couscous-2On Tripadvisor, this restaurant is ranked 7,368 out of 9,798 (in July 2013), the one in the 17th district fared worse being ranked 7,670.

Anyway, following this solid lunch, we had a great day of sightseeing.


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