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CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona) is apparently one of the most visited exhibition/art center in Barcelona.  Wikipedia summed up my impression of CCCB very nicely:

… the Centre’s core theme is the city and urban culture. Its success is based on quality, its rather eclectic approach, attention to a broad cross section of publics and the unique way it addresses issues with the aim of linking the academic world with creative processes and citizens in general.

Located next to the city’s museum of contemporary art (MACBA), this is one of the venues that we could visit with our Articket BCN pass. I recommend all visitors to buy this pass as soon as possible. Not only did it save us a little bit of money, it saved us time. It allowed us access to a much much shorter line at several museums – so you can waltz pass the crowd like a VIP.

When we got to CCCB, it is kind of late.  So there was hardly any one but it is also because the entrance is underground.  The center courtyard is kept free of anything except the ramp leading down to the entrance adding an air of minimalism to the symmetrical glass facade.

One side of the courtyard has been renovated. Citing Wikipedia again:

with a 30-metre high prismatic volume, presenting a spectacular glazed façade that projects into the courtyard at the top. With its interplay of reflections, this new feature becomes a mirror of the surrounding rooftops and a prime lookout point over the city.

The reflection is quite magical since you are on the ground, yet you can see beyond the walls and assume a much higher vantage point.

When we stood in the middle of the mostly empty courtyard, it felt like we were in Christopher Nolan’s 2010 movie Inception (remember ? Leonardo di Caprio messing with people’s dreams ? It was a good movie).

A brone sculpture above one of the entrance to the courtyard.

From the inside of CCCB, looking out onto the courtyard:

We saw an immersive and artfully-presented exhibition about a literary figure and the Italian city of Trieste (La Trieste de Margris”).  To me, it is a rather obscure topic but the exhibition was so well put together that it kept me interested.  I found this official promo on Youtube.


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